Lucie Blue Tremblay, Lucie Blue Tremblay (Olivia, 1986)

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The debut album by Montreal folk singer-songwriter Lucie Blue Tremblay features five songs sung in English, and five sung in French; the first side of the album contains studio recordings, while the second side is an excerpt from a live concert in San Francisco recorded the year before. There’s a noticeable difference in the technical quality of the studio recordings vs. the live recordings, which makes the second side a little less engaging than the first (although the side opener, a translated cover of Ferron’s “Ain’t Life A Brook”, is the album highlight.)

The opener of the A-side (“Magic of Love”) is another strong track. The album’s most conspicuous misstep is “Voix d’Enfant”, a song which tackles the difficult subject of incest, but pulls its punches, leaving us with lyrics that are weepy but insubstantial.

4:00Magic Of Love
3:38Juste Une Aventure
5:45For Those Eyes
3:56Voix d’Enfant
3:13So Lucky
4:15Nos Belles Années
3:36Limited Vision
7:22St. Jean Port Joli
3:32Laissez-Moi Sortir
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