About Heath

My first band (high school — I was skinny then!), 1984.

Hi there! I teach mathematics at Virginia Tech, and I’m a course coordinator for the department’s Linear Algebra course. During the summers, I help with the university’s STEP program for incoming freshmen.

I joined the Virginia Tech faculty in 1998, after receiving my master’s degree from here seven years earlier and leaving for a few years. I double-majored in both mathematics and music in college. Music is still an interest and a passion for me, although I have no talent for it. Whether I have any talent for mathematics is left as an exercise to the reader.

My mom and me, 1999.

I grew up in North Carolina with my mom, and a father and brother who both had disabilities. I’d like to think (and I hope it’s true) that this experience has helped shape my teaching in ways that make it more accessible.

I am curious about finding ways to engage different styles of learning (visual, verbal, kinesthetic, etc.) and how the mechanical details in the way we present information visually — layout, color, font size, line lengths, that sort of thing — affect the amount of time and attention that is given to the information.

Clara and Allie, temporarily not shredding the blanket

These are my two beautiful dogs, who’ve constantly amazed me with their ability to learn, their ability to forget, and their ability to find joy in licking my homely face. Sadly, they are no longer with us — Allie led a brave and courageous life which was cut far too short by cancer, while Clara lived a very long and extraordinary life. In my spare time, I collect CDs, and have been studying the Turkish language (Merhaba, arkadaşlarım!) for about three years. 

I have a Bacon number of 3.